Anne left her native Normandy to study art and design in Paris.  She then became a photo stylist for newspapers, magazines and interior design companies.  She likes to put her mark on everything that passes between her hands, and even produced a book, published by Marabout called “Customiser tout ce qu’il y a dans mon placard” (Customize everything in your wardrobe).
Everyone loved her ideas so she decided to create her own design company….and so La Cerise sur le Gâteau was born.  

Her collections reinterpret  classic French household linens with a modern twist.  Grand-mère’s tea towels, Toile de Jouy and Liberty prints with a hint of humour and a touch of fun.   Day-Glo colours, pairs of legs and showers of polka dots, bring household basics to life and have become her signature.  Because Anne’s world is never far from the world of her childhood, she decided to create a parallel collection of home linen for children.

In March 2011 Monoprix, who like to nurture young designers, gave her a ‘carte blanche’ to create an exclusive collection of 70 pieces called « La Cerise sur le Gâteau pour Monoprix ».

At present La Cerise sur le Gâteau designs can be found in over 200 retail outlets in France, Europe and internationally, including Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.


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