I created La Cerise sur le gâteau several years ago out of desire and intuition rather than rationality, but that's often how beautiful adventures begin. These founding intuitions have become the common values of the loyal and dedicated team that surrounds me and makes the brand what it is.

We focus on these values on a daily basis to create our cheerful, colourful and practical collections. La Cerise is also the fruit of my personal journey as a young girl; being raised by the seaside to the rhythm of the tides, the wind and changing weather made for a joyful childhood close to nature.

The time has come to share these simple values with you, to keep them at the heart of everything we do, and also to develop them and go deeper.

Today, it's impossible to turn a blind eye to unsustainable production and consumption. We must all do our bit to show better respect to our planet and to other people. Every company, be it large or small, has a responsibility. And we're more than ready to do our bit.


Where are we after 10 years ?

Our manufacturing has always taken place in nearby Portugal, a country whose textile savoir-faire allows us to offer high-quality and sustainable products every season. Our products are made in small textile workshops located in the Porto region, where we of course place a huge focus on the human aspect.

We work with men and women who happily and passionately pass on their knowledge from generation to generation!

Weaving, cutting, dyeing, printing, embroidery... all our suppliers are Oeko-Tex certified. This is the first label designed to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles.

The fact that we strive to respect the environment, and the health of our customers and the teams that work for us goes without saying!


Where we want to go next ? (with you!)

We want to introduce organically farmed-cotton into our production, with less water-intensive farming methods. In September 2019, we'll start this with our bed linen, which represents the largest volume of our fabrics. And we're continuing to work on the rest of the collection...

No waste! We manage our stock to the best of our ability so that not even a yard of fabric is wasted. For example, our small pouches are made from fabric off-cuts.

Eliminating plastic: This is a hot topic but not an easy one... but we started to get involved a few months ago and will begin to limit plastic packaging, and to replace it with compostable or recyclable bags within a few months.

La Cerise is all about encounters, meetings that are meaningful, and today it is important for me to give La Cerise sur le gâteau another dimension. This will be a human dimension rather than an economic one. In accordance with my origins, my education, my values and our human and ecological environment.

When we create a product and make choices, we always ask ourselves whether our customers will be happy to receive a product aligned with their values, whether our suppliers will be proud to produce items that respect our ethics, and whether our tribe will be happy with the idea of sharing in the happiness and satisfaction of each person involved in the life of our products!

In the end, it's simply a question of trying to work as logically as possible and using our common sense!

Good Mood !!

Anne Hubert.


Our colourful and personal brand was created a little over 10 years ago. We're a close-knit team of passionate people, always curious and looking for new ideas. We're close to our happy tribe and are always there to listen to them. We love what is true, authentic, friendly and reassuring. We are La Cerise sur le gâteau, a French way of life.

You'll love our textile products, which are both beautiful and practical. We want to create a colourful world, be optimistic, and make our customers happy. We want to remain unique and convey our values. Taking an ethical approach comes naturally to us. But above all, we want to stay simple and be your go-to for basics.

Throughout the years, we have been able to create a strong identity with a recognisable style, we have been able to maintain high standards and savoir-faire, and our Portugal-based production has always been clear and honest. Although sometimes we have made mistakes, we've always been proud of the way we work, and we've grown with our customers who have remained loyal. Today, we want to go further.

We will continue to do better to meet your expectations. In order to be consistent with our environmentally-friendly values, we will use organically-farmed cotton, and we will also strive towards zero plastic waste. As well as linens and accessories, we will offer complementary products, and we'll share our tips for taking good care of your products.

And above all, we're going to keep smiling and telling you beautiful stories.