reel workshop la cerise sur le gâteau


From the very beginning,
we have made choices!

The choice to produce and sell our creations with the least possible
impact on the environment. The choice to respect all those who participate in our adventure, our suppliers
of course, but also you, our customers! 


Porto la cerise sur le gâteau
1. Made in Portugal in short circuit

Made in
in short circuit

Since its creation, La Cerise sur le Gâteau has been creating collections in Portugal:
Our products are manufactured in a short circuit,
within a 30km radius in the Porto region,
a region that has managed to preserve a very dense
network of specialised craftsmen, factories and small family-owned workshops.

As our production employs many different trades,
our spinning mills are located next to our
dyeing workshops. 
The same goes for the printing, embroidery,
silk-screening, cutting and sewing of our fabrics.

natural fabrics la cerise sur le gâteau
2. 100% of out fabrics are natural

of out fabrics
are natural

La Cerise sur le Gâteau only works
with natural fibres, such as
cotton (mostly organic), hemp or linen.
The big plus! Natural fibres are recyclable
or biodegradable.
In the vast majority of cases... we create
our fabrics first!

We have them woven in Portugal, which allows us to control the desired function of the fabric,
softness, absorption, or solidity for example, but
also to make our own designs.

fabric yardage
3. 70% of your fabric yardage is organically grown

70% of
our fabric yardage
is organically

Because conventional cotton cultivation beats
all records in terms of pesticides and 
water consumption, 
we have chosen to work mainly
with organic cotton, which is much more respectful of the environment.

Our bed linen is made from 100% organic cotton percale, as well as the "signature" fabric from which
we make our bags and kits and our bathroom linen.
To be continued !

5. Stock control


The proximity of production and the flexibility
of our human-sized workshops allow us 
to split up the replenishments by placing
 several orders per season and to adapt
our restocking according to the needs
and thus optimise our stocks
and avoid overproduction.

Stock control
6. No waste

No Waste

Zero waste objective!
All our fabric scraps, end of rolls
or non-conforming dye baths are reused
and sold in the NO WASTE category of
our site.
What about paper?
All our boxes are made in France
from recycled cardboard. 
And the product packaging, a simple banner,
reduced to a minimum, is FSC certified 
and made in Portugal.

No waste