Happy Birthday La Cerise

Since the arrival, the brand has undergone a turning point: more than 160 new references in the catalog, the ranges of household linen are expanding and the colour is honoured. For the occasion, as well as the collection with Mamie Boude at the return, numerous collaborations are featured, SURPRISE! Discover them throughout the year via social media and on the website!

Les 10 ans Chez Marie Sixtine

To kick start the festivities of spring, we have assembled friends and those who make La Cerise to celebrate our 10th birthday at MARIE SIXTINE and present the Fall - Winter 2017 / 18 collection. The MARIE SIXTINE apartment was thought of by Sandrine Place. Since the very beginning of La Cerise, Sandrine has been there to help us with building our collections. This place was an obvious choice to celebrate our 10 years. Thanks to all who were at the meeting to discover the new collection!

Les 10 ans Chez Marie Sixtine

Les 10 ans Chez Marie Sixtine

10 years collection

10 ans Chez Marie Sixtine

10 years of colors & colors forever !

The colour has been a part of La Cerise's identity since the beginning, so it’s time to give it pride of place! 10 years = 10 colours! Did you know? As good epicureans, each colour has a name linked to the flavour or its feel.

10 ans de couleurs, colors forever !

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