A dozen years ago, I created the brand La Cerise sur le Gâteau with desire and intuition, nothing very rational, but it is often the seed of great adventures.

La Cerise sur le Gâteau was born from a passion for textiles and my inspiration, the fruit of my history.

A childhood close to nature, rocked by the rhythm of tides, changing weather and winds of Normandy.

I spent winters in yellow boots and summers barefoot.

I remember Sundays, standing up on the dining room table, where my mother would adjust the clothes she was making me with pins.  As for me, I would cobble up dresses for my dolls with scraps of cloth.

Everything was homemade: the jams, the family cooking, the summer dresses and winter knitwear. 

I have kept the memory of the feel, the traditional tea towels with red bands that my mother used, the white mixed-cloth apron that she wore while cooking.  Also the linen bed sheets that I slept in, monogrammed sheets from the wedding trousseau.

Today, the “Cerise” style that we cultivate is the fruit of the creative duo that we have formed since we started out with Sandrine Place. Together, we co-create the collections, as well as a transversal identity from the colour range to the image. Our creative choices are shared and designed as a whole, just like telling a story !

La Cerise’s story is made of connexions and shared beliefs.

Today it’s important for me to keep my choices human oriented in line with who I am and respectful to the environment we live in. 

It’s simply trying to work in a sensible logic, so that every single one of us can take a step forward for our children’s future whilst continuing to create beautiful collections, practical, joyful and colourful.

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