Today, no one can ignore the way of producing, the way of consuming, the way to better respect the planet and humans near and far.

Every company has its responsibility, whether large or small.

We take our part, like the little hummingbird.

Since the very beginning we’ve manufactured in Portugal, where they kept a qualitative textile savoir-faire. Our products come from small textile workshops in Porto region, where the whole human dimension obviously takes on all its importance.

weaving, cutting, dyes, printing, embroideries.. are Oeko-tex certified. Oeko-tex is an independent testing and certification label that guarantees environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manufacturing.

Because we’re sticking to this line of thought, and that eco-responsibility has been a part of La Cerise’s DNA from the very beginning, we are proud to offer most of out fabric in organic. All our bed linen are in percale organic coton or organic hemp, and most of our accessories who respond to these requirements.

 “Why organic fabric?” you’ll ask. “I don’t sleep in my bag nor do I eat a pouch”

Well, for the planet’s sake, our soil’s, our health’s and our children’s. The cotton culture single-handedly breaks the world record for biggest consumer of pesticides and water. Adding chemical treatment of fibre and fabric on top of that. Facts that don’t enchant La Cerise’s beautiful team, who would much rather work responsibly knowing that every step of the manufacturing process protects the environment.

Cost wise? No impact, we fight for fair prices. By mutualising our buying and taking part in the general effort, we managed to maintain our end prices.

We already reduce plastic consumption by packaging all products in pack, result, plastic consumption divided by 4. 2021 objective: zero plastic.

 What about paper? Catalogues and stickers are already made from FSC paper and all our deliveries will from now on be in recycled cardboard, made in France.

La Cerise’s story is made of values which make sense,

Today it’s important for me to keep my choices human oriented in line with who I am and respectful to the environment we live in. 

It’s simply trying to work in a sensible logic, so that every single one of us can take a step forward for our children’s future whilst continuing to create beautiful collections, practical, joyful and colourful.

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