So that your children can inherit your tea towels, La Cerise sur le Gateau believes in bringing you the best quality possible! 

We select our suppliers based on skill and « savoir-faire », but also on a shared philosophy. This philosophy concerns a style of manufacturing that respects both quality and work conditions. All our linen manufacturing is based in a region of Porto (Portugal) that has strong historical links to the textile industry, as well as a skilled local workforce. We work exclusively with Oeko-tex certified providers for weaving, dyeing and printing.

Oeko-tex is an independent testing and certification label that guarantees environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manufacturing. This means that our collections are free from products that are harmful to the body and the environment.

Look out for photos and a video, to be viewed and you will discover the backstage so you can see la Cerise’s production team in action.

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