Fall - Winter 2020

This period we have just gone through will, we hope, have a positive effect on our way of consuming. It'll be more sustainable, more respectful of our environment and more resilient.

This approach has been our deepest conviction since we first star ted out. It grows stronger every year. Today, we are convinced that our ethics are flowing in the right direction.

100% of our production is European. We have a short production chain based on years of expertise. We weave the yarn and make the packaging in Portugal. We produce Yvette socks in France.

We take care to use Oeko-Tex certified suppliers, and our materials are mostly from organic farming. We wish to remain loyal and defend our values more than ever in order to offer fair prices.

In addition to this, the humanitarian values of trust, fidelity and solidarity are essential to our production ethics and the DNA of our collections.


The "Cherry" style that we cultivate is the fruit of the creative duo that we have formed since we started out with Sandrine Place. Together, we co-create the collections, as well as a transversal identity from the colour range to the image. Our creative choices are shared and designed as a whole, just like telling a story!

Following our intuition and giving free rein to our creativity was our mantra, so we needed a return to the wellspring, to the source.

Enjoying a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors is what we missed the most during a spring spent in lockdown and these colours are at the heart of our collection.



On the mountain trails, we savoured the fragrance of the undergrowth, of LICHEN. While RHUBARB inspired this deep pink.

Along the way, you will meet Raymond: our new all-diagonal striped weave.


But also Céleste and Mona!
Céleste, our new range of bed linen in organic cotton percale, is available in 10 plain colours to brighten up the nights, accompanied by Mona, our new range of coordinated cushions, in 100% organic hemp. Mix them up in the bedroom as well as in the living room.

Time for a cuppa! Our tea towels and aprons are made from a new herringbone weave called Marcel.

We have decided to be optimistic by continuing to put a lot of work into developing our collections, to continue to make your daily life joyful and colourful!

I'll let you wander through this new catalogue and discover our new products through the pictures.