Our values

We all know by now that the textile industry is very polluting.

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Many of the people involved work in appalling conditions. At the other end of the chain, overproduction is also a global scourge. We have been aware of this for a long time. So, since the very beginning, we have made choices. The choice to produce and sell our creations with the least possible impact on the environment. The choice to respect all those who participate in our adventure, our suppliers of course, but also you, our customers! Here's how:

We only work with natural materials.

Like linen, hemp and cotton.

Our eco-responsible values

Noble fibres, from plants grown in the fields, and not made in a laboratory from petroleum derivatives. This is the basis. We scrupulously source them and control their entire transformation process, including the crucial stage of colouring, so that these natural materials ... remain natural!

All our suppliers have been awarded a certification, which guarantees that all the textiles we work with are free of toxic products for the body or the environment.

For the vast majority of our products, we prefer organic.

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Because conventional cotton cultivation beats all records in terms of pesticides and water consumption, our bed linen is made of organic cotton percale.  The "signature" fabric from which we make our bags and kits is also 100% organic.

Our eco-responsible values

This is also why, lately, for our sheets and cushions, we are more and more interested in hemp, a particular plant that saves water, does not require any phyto-sanitary products, and regenerates the soil where it grows. Everything we like! And a new ally to become ever greener, one step at a time...

Our products are made in Portugal, in a "short circuit".

While looking for the most responsible way to produce, respecting the planet and the human being, we found our "ecosystem" in Portugal, 15 years ago. North of Porto there is a very dense network of specialised craftsmen, factories and small family workshops.

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An exceptional reservoir of know-how, concentrated in one area, with a real tradition.

As our production employs many different trades, this choice was an obvious one. Our spinning mills are next to our dyeing workshops. The same proximity when it comes to printing, embroidery, silk-screening, cutting and sewing our fabrics. Everything is done within a radius of about thirty kilometres: just like for food,

it's the idea of the "short circuit", obvious and coherent, economical in transport and energy.

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"Made in France"?  It's seductive, of course. But - believe us, we have studied the dossier - such virtuous conditions would be impossible to reproduce in France, which no longer has the same industrial fabric.  Our products would spend their lives in lorries to go from one stage to another of their manufacture!) In Portugal, with all these talented craftsmen who have been our partners for years, we feel perfectly in tune with our convictions. And since we are the loyal type, as long as we can count on them, they can count on us!

We fight against 'over'words: as in
'overproduction' ,
"over-packaging', or

We obviously start by taking care of the quality of our products. Materials, colours, finishes, everything that comes out of our workshops is designed to accompany you for many years. We also manage our stocks as well as possible, so as not to waste anything.

With us, "no waste" means that everything is used and transformed.

Our eco-responsible values
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From our fabric scraps, we make kits and pouches, and capsules that are entirely "upcycled".

Based on the principle that "the best waste is the one we don't produce", we limit our production of waste to a minimum. We limit our production of packaging as much as possible (which is logical, given that in everyday life, we also frequent bulk grocery shops! To protect our products during storage and transport, we systematically pack them in packs, using ...four times less plastic than before. Plastic is our pet peeve: you won't find a trace of it in our packages. Our articles are surrounded by a simple FSC (***) labelled paper band, and all our deliveries arrive at your home in a recycled box made in France!
The fight against waste goes from production... to marketing. We've always avoided overproduction, unsold goods that end up being sold off by discounters, aggressive marketing on the Internet, bogus private sales: it's everything we hate. That's why we're boycotting Black Friday. Or that we have decided to break with the sales system, which also encourages over-consumption. To offer you

fair prices all year round, to pay our teams and our suppliers the best possible price, that's more in line with our ethics.

Our eco-responsible values

Let's summarise? At La Cerise, we have neither made a revolution in one day, nor "disrupted" the household linen sector.   But long before everyone started washing greener, one step at a time, we were always moving in the right direction. Carried along by the great hope of finally changing our consumption habits. We believe in a simpler life, with less frantic shopping, but more joy and meaning. Where we consume less, but better.  This is what we have been defending since the beginning. Today, thanks to the vast community that follows us on social networks, we know that we were right: more and more of you are adhering to our values and our project.  And if we do even better tomorrow, it will be thanks to you, your suggestions, your comments... To weave the future together?

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