Behind the scenes

High quality manufacture, sustainable production, use of existing skills and know-how: as part of an overall common sense-based approach, the company's entire household linen production is focused in the Porto region of Portugal, an area strongly associated with textiles.

We work exclusively with Oeko-tex certified providers for weaving, dyeing and printing. Oeko-tex is an independent testing and certification label that guarantees environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manufacturing. This means that our collections are free from products that are harmful to the body and the environment. So that your children can inherit your tea towels, La Cerise sur le gateau believes in bringing you the best quality ever!

And because La Cerise is a people-based adventure, we went to meet the manufacturers, each of whom has their own particular skills and know-how to offer: silk-screen printers, embroiderers, weavers … From this point forward, you will know the faces of the people behind our products!

La Cerise is all about encounters, meetings that are meaningful, and today it is important for me to give La Cerise sur le gâteau another dimension. This will be a human dimension rather than an economic one. In accordance with my origins, my education, my values and our human and ecological environment.