the creation at la cerise sur le gâteau by Anne Hubert et Sandrine Place


The Cerise style that we cultivate
is the fruit of the creative duo
that we have formed since we
started out with Sandrine Place. 

Together, we co-create the collections, as well as a transversal
identity that encompasses the colour range to the final image

Our creative choices are shared and designed
as a whole, just like telling a story!

spools of wire la cerise sur le gâteau
Oscar tea towel la cerise sur le gâteau

We met after completing
our studies.
We were a pair
of inseparable stylists:
the brunette and the blonde, Anne
and Sandrine,
Sandrine and Anne.
We have learned to work
together and our curiosity has
always taken us in the same direction.
When I set up my brand,
Sandrine was never far away.

Our complicity and our desires gave birth to more and more creative interchanges:
our views, our artistic discoveries, our family lives and our travels fed our inspirations, until the day it became natural to share the whole creative process.
We share our offices between
Alsace and Paris... together we are moving forward with the desire
to make La Cerise grow.
Allowing our intuition
to guide us and giving free rein
to our creativity is our leitmotiv.

We have opted
for optimism and to continue
making your life cheerful
and colourful!

fabric samples la cerise sur le gâteau

Anne & Sandrine

la cerise sur le gâteau