The history of La Cerise
(from the small seed to the present day)
By Anne Hubert, creator of the brand

La Cerise sur le Gâteau was born out of a passion for textiles and my inspiration comes from my own history.

A childhood close to nature, rocked by the rhythm of the tides, the wind and
the changing weather of Normandie. 

In my large and happy family, everything was homemade:
jams, family cooking, summer dresses and winter knitwear.
I remember Sundays, standing at the dining room table,
my mother adjusting with pins the clothes she was making for me. And me, making dresses
for my dolls with the scraps of fabric.

" The values of sustainability
and "anti-waste"
are anchored in my DNA! "

After studying textile design in Paris, I became a stylist/set designer for
household linen brands,
decoration magazines, boutiques...

In parallel with my business, I was caught up in my love for textiles,
and I wanted to create collections inspired by traditional French linen.
I started selling it at private sales in flats. 

One day, my products caught the eye of a buyer at Le Bon Marché,
who offered me my first pop-up.

Then, everything followed.

One thing led to another,
from order
to order,
from Paris to
La Cerise sur le gâteau
was born.

The adventure has been nurtured by a series of wonderful experiences, from the boutiques that have trusted us since the beginning, to our loyal network of Portuguese artisans, along with the graphic designers, photographers and bloggers who showcase our creations, and our incredible team. 

And of course, Sandrine, my creative partner! Together, we co-create the collections, as well as a transversal identity that encompasses the colour range to the final image.

Today, La Cerise sur le Gâteau has remained true to its origins, creating cheerful, colourful, eco-friendly household linen and accessories made in Portugal, using natural and, more often than not, organic materials. 


Any La Cerise product (recognisable
by its embroidered gold polka dot)
is likely to boost its owner's
mood immediately...