Three new exciting, bold colours.
All our shades match each other and blend together. Compose your own "interior landscape" with our household linen and our accessories.
We hope your autumn starts with an explosion of colour!


An intense, deep green, called 'Nori'
Because it reminds us of the seaweed of
the same name, used to coat maki and onigiri.
Or - let's stay in Japan - the serenity of moss
gardens where all the greens of creation mingle.

pouch cube organic cotton iona nori
curtains organic cotton  leonie
bed linen
duvet cover organic cotton percale celeste nori
socks organic cotton Yvette olive
duvet cover organic cotton percale celeste orage
socks organic cotton yvette cendre


Sasha's inspiration comes from shibori, a very old traditional dyeing technique derived from tie & dye.
There's also a very dense blue, a little metallic, like a peacock feather or an electrically charged sky - in fact, it's called... 'Orage'.

bum bag cotton iona Sasha
laptop sleeve orage



It's moving into the bathroom! Don't panic: we haven't changed anything about our best-selling double-sided towels, one side terry, one side sponge! They're still made from soft organic cotton and come in 3 sizes, right up to maxi bath sheets.
They still absorb just as well and dry just as quickly.

bed linen

Every duvet cover needs a pair of socks!

duvet cover organic cotton percale celeste nuts
socks organic cotton savora
duvet cover organic cotton celeste poivre rose
socks organic cotton yvette orage


Another surprising newcomer: a vibrant, dancing purple violet, like an amethyst quartz, called "Purple Rain" (we wouldn't miss the opportunity!).
Purple? It's red + blue, complementary colour: green. So now you know what you have to do: have fun mixing our three new shades with each other and with the rest of our palette. It's a match made in heaven!

tea towels
travel bags