Discover our new baby collection
100% cotton.

Designed for baby's well-being and to make life easier for parents.
Because your little one deserves the best!

children toiletry bag


Good humour is one of our values. 
Optimism is our core value, symbolised everywhere by our signature golden polka dot!
It guides not only our creative choices, but also our overall approach. It is reflected, of course, in our incredible choice of colours, our fatal weapon against the blues.

changing mattress
changing bag

Toiletry bags, nappies, changing mats, pouches, aprons and changing bags...
Visit a wide range of practical and stylish accessories. Perfect for travelling with baby!

changing bag and changing mattress
swaddle organic cotton
children bed linen
children's bed linen

Bed linen

100% organically grown cotton percale
bed linen. Rediscover Odette and Oscar, 
two timeless designs, available in 
3 different colours: rhubarb, sardine and milk.

Your little ones will sleep 
in beautiful sheets!

children bed linen
children bed linen