table de fêtes


For small and large tables!

The end-of-year festivities will be starting shortly, so we're already thinking about the pretty table decorations we'll be putting up.
Here are a few inspirations to guide your choices!

nappe lin et coton lina pluie or milk

Dots or classic? 

The Lina tablecloth with its rain of printed gold polka dots is a great classic from La Cerise! It was designed for chic and elegant festive meals, perfect for parties with family or friends.
This tablecloth comes in Milk, or Ardoise, in 160 x 250 cm or for bigger tables in 160  350 cm.

nappe lin et coton beige

Marcel's plain herringbone linen and cotton tablecloth is available in a range of colours.

Which one is your favorite?
We love Ginger
with a white or chalk decor for a total natural look, to be reused all year round!
Milk? Anything goes in white: a white and gold decor on Christmas Eve! Let's go for colour on the 31st!

nappe lin et coton marcel milk

Nori, the green we're crazy about this season. This year, will your table be in shades of green, or Russian themed?
The decor that works every time is shades of one colour, the Rhubarbe tablecloth, playing with terracotta tableware or powdered pinks.
Ardoise, for a more intense table, and to be serene with the stains ...

nappe à carreaux coton bio gustave caviar
nappe lin et coton marcel nori
nappe lin et coton marcel rhubarbe
serviettes de table lin et coton marcel ardoise

"Classic-graphic" tablecloth and napkins

Gustave, that charming little black check, or our new model of the season: Léonie, the classic stripe, or Finette, our best-selling pattern that needs no introduction, give a graphic version to our tables.

All our tablecloths and napkins, like all our products, are made in Portugal from natural materials, exclusively linen and cotton or organic cotton, so you can enjoy your meals in an sustainable way.

Now, let your imagination run wild.

serviettes de table lin et coton nori
serviettes de table coton bio Léonie caviar