On the trail of the Shibori
or traveller's print

Sasha, our new back-to-school print for all our bags, pouches and bags ranges, it's our big lona organic cotton canvas,
dotted this season with shadows and irregular patches, in the tawny hues of autumn undergrowth...
suddenly pierced by gaps of light!

Depending on whether it comes in a small
(pencil cases, bum bags) or large format
(shopping bags, travel bags, etc.). The pattern is transformed, and the atmosphere and lighting change subtly.

Verry original.

It is inspired by shibori, a very old traditional dyeing technique derived from tie & dye. It has a Japanese name, but is also found in West Africa, particularly Mali.

A print that takes us far and wide, to the bedroom, the city, the bathroom, without adding to our carbon footprint?
Obviously, we love it!